Daring to
Think Big.

Matt Hall Creative is an independent creative design agency in North Kent.

We partner with companies and collaborators to provide original design solutions allowing brands to achieve their full potential.


We believe that the most creative, valuable and effective projects are built on the foundation of close collaboration, reciprocal partnership and deep understanding of each other's goals

With our 'fitness'-based approach, we are able to target specific areas of a brand with design and strategic lead solutions to strengthen its position in the market, enhance overall performance, and increase brand-confidence.

While our approach works for any industry and size of company, we treat each project as unique. We assess your current brand fitness level, working with you to develop a personal workout plan to enable your brand transformation, whether in one area or across the brand as a whole.

Drawing on experience from a number of industry sectors, we bring fresh perspectives and ideas, be it visual or strategic, closely working with you to develop your brand from it's core, out.

And don't worry, no sit-ups!


Build Strength.

Increasing your strength starts with developing your core, be it in a gym or in your company. We do this the smart way, not just working on what's seen by the outside world (abs), but all the elements behind, be it company vision and values, brand voice, or simply staff investment. Starting with these allows the outer limbs for the brand to develop more easily, building strength from the inside out by focusing on each element individually. We'll work with you develop these areas strategically, giving you the brand-confidence to rise to any challenge, rather than just 'looking good' with no substance. Don't be the guy who just trains chest and biceps.

Get Flexible.

Ask any athlete, they'll will tell you a lack of flexibility hinders progress. Brands that are too static run the risk of alienating their audience, as well as struggling to move into new industries or launch new products. A flexible identity, having some elements of the design remaining constant, with others dynamic adapting to suit their different environments, allows you to remain consistent and easily recognizable, but also to demonstrate variation and relevance. We work with you to determine the level of flexibility appropriate to you – you can be too flexible – and find the best solution to allow your brand to move into new areas, without straining, be it dynamic visual elements or seasonal guidelines.

Tone Up.

Tightening up those flabby areas makes you look better, feel better, and gives greater definition to those hardest worked-on areas. Putting your brand through its paces, we target any unnecessary elements dragging you down to position the brand for more effective growth, with a leaner, fitter you. By targeting specific areas, we work to develop a focussed set of visuals strategy and structure that allow the brand to evolve with confidence, preserving recognition as it continues to think big.

" Over the past decade, I've been fortunate to work with brands, businesses, and government officials covering 3 continents, gaining a wealth of experience across a range of industry sectors in graphic design, brand strategy, and brand identity creation.

Outside of the studio, the gym is my second home, with the kitchen a close third, and probably getting behind the wheel at number four. Developing in the gym, building up from a base of nothing, has informed how I approach my work. It's not just what people see (a big bloke with a beard), it's also what goes on behind that (what I eat, when, how and when I train, my mindset).

For me, branding and fitness go hand-in-hand. They're both about setting ambitious goals, finding the right approach to achieve them, giving things a go, being consistent, overcoming opposition, development, and most of all, enjoying yourself.

So, if you're ready for some overly tortured metaphors, a good dose of sarcasm, and can dare to think big, I look forward to working with you. "

Brand Consultant

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