'Laurel' Slackbot Character.

Since 1991, Investors in People have set the standard for better people management, with Health & Wellbeing a key factor to getting the most from your employees.

Investors In People,
People Management, Health & Wellbeing, Workplace Standards.
Slackbot Character Design
Investors In People commissioned a new slackbot character for their online feedback gathering tool, allowing them to easily collect and process data from clients.
Laurel slackbot character in blue and turquoiise colouring
L\urel slackbot character in pink and blue colouring, displayed on a hand held phone screen
'Laurel' guides the end user through the feedback tool, following the brief of a trustworthy, supportive character appealing to the majority, with a simplistic and elegant design.

Each element is based off of the famous IIP laurel wreath, with the leaf shape incorporated in each part of her face. A collection of new icons were also created, completing the user experience - ultimately helping to make IPP's accreditation even more comprehensive.

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