Evolving the master trust.

The BlueSky Pension Scheme (TBPS) is a non-profit arrangement and one of the largest master trusts in the UK.

BlueSky Pensions,
Pensions, Finance
Brand Identity, Print Design, Brochure Design
The BlueSky Pension Scheme logo
The BlueSky Pension Scheme logo geometric drawing
BlueSky Pensions (now Evolve Pensions) were looking to rebrand their TBPS product as a separate entity. The aim was to create a strong, modern identity that would allow the scheme to stand alone from the existing BlueSky brand, as well as its competitors.

We settled on a striking 3D folded 'B' monogram to express a robust, exclusive product. A more vibrant blue was used to compliment BlueSky's existing colour palette, allowing us to use a striking new corporate image of central London to tie all aspects of the brand together.

Member Guide 2 page spread
Man smartly dressed speaking into a microphone
Two ladies working wearing glasses
Member Guide 2 page spread
Member Guide cover
2 TBPS exhibition banners
TBPS ECA double-sided leaflet
Man wearing a white shirt working on a computer
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