The Thin
Blue Line.

The Thin Blue Line was the ultimate police-themed situation comedy of the 90's. When Dartford Grammar School adapted Ben Elton’s TV classic for their annual production, strong designs were essential to translate the fictional town of Gasforth to the stage.

Dartford Grammar School,
Production Graphics, Marketing Material, Props and Set Decoration, Video Production
D.I. Grimm, Inspector Fowler and the cast of the Thin Blue Line  on stage
Leading with an eye-catching poster, we wanted something in-keeping with the theme of the show, that could be adapted to it's different display locations.

Our inspiration for the poster was D.I. Grimm's messy desk, opting for a top-down view with the stand-alone title on the torn paper in the centre. The additional pieces of stationery and paraphernalia surrounding this gave us lots of places to include any information about the show.

The Thin Blue Line Poster
D.I. Grimm and Inspector Fowler arguing on set
The Thin Blue Line logo

Props and Set Dressing

The bank, high street and 4 areas of the police station required bespoke props and set dressing, everything from dirty magazines for CID to Gasforth College logos for a group of gorilla-mask wearing students in tutus. Just another day at the office!.

We began by creatign individual identities for Gasfroth Police, National Friendly Bank, and Gasforth College, before creating a number of items for the actors to interact with on stage. We also included as many in-jokes in the deisgns for the cast and crew as we could, whether that be wanted posters of the staff, or Mainwarring, Wilson and Pike as the bank employees

Gasforth College Logo
D.I. Grimm on stage with college students in gorilla masks
Gasforth Police crest
Hot Fuzz magasine cover
Constables Goody, Gladstone and Kray outside the locker room
Gary Boyle warretn card
National Frienly Bank logo
National Frienly Bank set with Inspector Fowler and Constabe Goody
National Frienly Bank Cheque Book
Toff's driving licence
Gasforth Police wanted poster

Video Production

We assisted with shooting, editing and producing the final video of the full show. Using a 3 camera set-up across the three nigths of the prodcution, gave us alot of flexibility when it came to final edit. Incorporating a mixture of wide and close-up shots , as well as nods to the original TV show, like the opening and credits sequences, we were able to create a lasting memory of the production, whilst staying true to the original Thin Blue Line.

Video editing sfotware
Constables Goody and Glastone in the locker room with Inspector Fowler
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